Newspapers keep Crumbling

Every day there’s news about how newspapers are stopping their presses and looking for alternate profitable revenue models:

E. W. Scripps CEO Rich Boehne said newspapers must find ways to get economic value out of the news that they provide, beyond advertising sales. “There’s a lot of revenue available,” Mr. Boehne said. “You just have to adjust the business model. Are you going to go out of business just because you can’t find a way to accommodate the cost side?” There are other options that newspaper publishers should consider, the PEJ report said. Among them is aping the Amazon.commodel. Rather than bludgeoning readers with intrusive ads that few people read or click on, newspapers could build online malls on their sites and provide local search networks for small businesses. Another would be to offer niche reports for professionals. “They are deep, detailed, up-to-the-minute online resources aimed at professional interests, and they are a proven and highly profitable growth area in journalism,” the PEJ said. “Several new revenue streams most likely are needed,” the report said. “The closest thing to a consensus right now is that no one source is a likely magic bullet.”


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