Generational Longings for Change

Christopher Newgent reflects on the vast differences in generations regarding the expectations for change in our lives:

It’s as though we and our older siblings in Gen X grew up watching our grandparents and even some of our parents with their silly fear of change, their silly regard to stability, and we decided instead to fashion an atmosphere of ultimate instability—where there are bottom-lines to trim, avian flu pandemics that never break out. And seriously, the question begs to be asked, how can gas jump a quarter per gallon in the span of a day?…

But, I mean, honestly, who wants a gold watch anymore, when all we really want is to find a song that doesn’t suck for a change?

I’ll tell you, though, there are songs out there that will wake you up, that are raw and honest instead of over-produced and over-played. They’re likely not on the radio; turn it off. Roll down your windows and breathe. Try to remember that first gasp you took when the doctor smacked you, your lungs suddenly able to work without drowning, and all you knew to do to celebrate the bright lights of the world was to cry out. Try harder. You won’t remember it, but try harder anyway. Don’t worry about your hair tousling in the wind. You can fix it later. Trust me, you can fix it later.


One response to “Generational Longings for Change

  1. it’s still strange to me to google myself and find things i’ve written reposted and affecting lives and people beyond those i know immediately. it was a wonderful surprise to see that you liked what i wrote enough to repost. thank you.

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